Uncompromised Life Review

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mindvalley uncompromised life review

Life is the name of constant struggles. No matter what stage of life you are in right now, you are or will probably go through some sort of difficulties. How you overcome those difficulties is up to you but sometime one might need help from an expert.

A person who is knows different tips and tricks to make life pleasant and successful. Uncompromised life is an 8 week course made by the famous hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer. Before we dig into the components of this course, let us first talk about its author.

Marisa Peer is one the bestselling author of UK. She was born in 1957.Her dream was to become a child psychologist but later developed interest in Hypnotherapy. Like most of us, Marisa also had gone through problems in her life. For more than 20 years, she suffered from eating disorder. In the 80s she came to a strong conclusion that eating disorder is related to the past.

Many people were not aware of this and Marisa’s discovery proved to be an eye-opener for them. Marisa is also a certified nutritionist, relationship counselor and a highly renowned motivational speaker. She also created the Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT. In short, she is a very versatile person who redefined the definition of success.

“Don’t wait for success to come to you, you must go for it”

Maris Peer

What is Uncompromised Life?

Uncompromised Life is mainly based on the above quote by Marisa. Everyone wants to be successful. Some wish to be famous, some desire to have a lot of money and for some success means spending a peaceful life at home. In short, the definition of success for everyone is different. And success is not going to knock on your door one day. You have to look for it; you have to struggle for it because success isn’t something one can easily get. The 8 week long course contains different methods of becoming successful.

Uncompromised life helps you in all spheres of life. From business to personal life and from wealth to health, you will be provided with different ways to excel in all parts of life. This course will help you achieve greatness in life. Everyone dreams of being successful. Many people most of the times think of perfect scenario in their head. They even take a step forward and make a plan for it but no one goes beyond it. They fail to execute it and that is where everyone fails in life. You can have the most amazing dream in the room but if you don’t execute it, it is still a failure.

How does uncompromised life work?

The course is step by step procedure of letting go of the past. It will help you put all the failures behind you and will make you focused on the present goal. This course is highly recommended to those people who face some sort of self-esteem issues. It will help them become confident in life. It will give them the strength to achieve a high level of performance in all parts of their lives.

Marisa skillfully targets the subconscious of the people undertaking the course. Our Subconscious mind is a very strong part of our existence. It is your thinking mind. People assume that mind is the one that helps you rationalize and think of new ideas. But in reality, our subconscious mind is in control of everything. It also has the answer to all our problems. Your subconscious mind will be programmed to make peace with all the failures in your life. It consists of different hypnotherapy sessions that will reprogram your mind to see the good things in life. It also improves your cognitive functioning greatly. Marisa’s goal is to cultivate a positive mindset in you.

Another powerful thing about this course is Self love. It teaches you that no matter how hard you try to find love, if you don’t love yourself first, you will never find it. That is very true because in this busy life we often forget to look after ourselves. Love is the most amazing feeling in the world. There are many hypnosis sessions in the course. One of them is called lovability. You have to listen to this session for 21 days straight and then weekly. It helps to see you as a loveable person without any condition. Sometime in life, unfavorable conditions make you think that you are not good enough or are not deserving of love but this course truly helps you to see the goodness in yourself. I really wish more people see and take this course because everyone deserves to feel worthy and special.

There are total 8 educational modules in this course.

  • Module 1

In module 1 all the bad thoughts you have will be eliminated for good. Positive and empowering thoughts will be instilled in your mind. You will slowly realize how toxic these bad thoughts were for you and you will start seeing the possibility of a happy and contented life.

  • Module 2

This module will teach you two extremely powerful mind control techniques. You will be able to respond to only two things and this will eventually change your view about yourself and your life.

  • Module 3

Third module is focused on appreciating the little achievements in life which we often neglect. All your negative thoughts will be eliminated and your main focus will be on the positive and pleasant things in your life.

  • Module 4

In this module you will focus on the things you hate. It is OK to hate certain things. You just need to acknowledge them and try to resolve them. Sometime despite hating certain things, we bury them deep inside of us that do nothing good for us. It only makes our life more miserable. Change your perception and use those fears as a tool to achieve your goals.

  • Module 5

Be more productive! This is the main objective of this module. You will be taught how to be more active and productive in life.

  • Module 6

In Module 6, your subconscious mind will learn to focus on the long term goals. You will not feel bad of missing a party during the weekend because you will know the result you will get of your hard work will be more important.

  • Module 7

All the issues of low self-confidence and self-esteem come from the feeling of not being good enough. Module 7 will help you eliminate such thought and by the end of this module you will be able to see the capabilities and talent with in you.

  • Module 8

The last module will give you the immunity to face all sorts of criticism in life. No matter how hard you try, you will face criticism. You can’t change that but you can certainly change the way you feel and react to them.


  • It is very easy to understand. Any type of user can understand and learn from it.
  • It helps you build self confidence that is needed to live a great life.
  • You can access this course on your mobile phones which makes it super convenient.
  • It offers both audio and video facilities
  • The hypnosis exercise only takes half an hour to complete so you can do this course despite having a hectic routine.
  • If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back in 30 days.


  • You have to download the program online before using it. That is a bit difficult if you have slow internet.
  • You need to remain consistent or else the program will not be effective.

Bottom Line:

The most amazing thing about this course is that it develops a positive outlook of life. You start loving yourself and life feels contented. I believe that if you have inner peace, you have everything in life. Go through the course yourself and you will eventually come out loving yourself. 

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