American Pioneer Code Review

Product Name: American Pioneer Code

Product Author: Terrence Howards

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What will you do if SHTF very soon and you do not have power in your fridge there is no internet, there is no way to charge your phone, there is no supermarket to buy your food? Are you ready to turn back the clock 300 years ago and live like our ancestors did? So, pay close attention because this review can totally change your life and the life of your family in ways you never imagined. American Pioneer Code is your complete step-by-step survival plan that will keep you and your family safe when all hell breaks down. This program will reveal to you the true gravity and skills that are at the base of this great nation and tell you a story full of struggles, anguish, twists, and turns. The lessons from the past that you find in this program will help you have a better future.

What is the American Pioneer Code?

American Pioneer Code is a program that uncovers the forgotten survival secrets of our ancestors and helps other people as you make the most of them when TSHTF. This program shows you some very simple tricks used by the early pioneers who will keep their children well fed, clean and warm when the SHTF. In fact, you will not have to wait until the big American Fork on the way comes, and you can start applying them today. The little-known secret that will help you not only survive, but also thrive when TSHTF and America fall on their knees. This program will really help you save a lot and get out of the black hole financially that can completely change your life. It will help you be the hero in times of need for your family and your community and build a new city on the hill just like the American ancestors. All in this program that helps you survive what will be the most tragic events in modern American history. It shows you that there is no another way than the ways of our ancestors who built this great nation and you will know how important it is to know how to protect your family.

How Does American Pioneer Code Works?

American Pioneer Code gives you a complete chapter on how to make tools like they used to do when it’s not difficult at all. In fact, it takes just a few simple steps in which it would really take a lot of time to show you the rich and totally practical information you can find in the American pioneering code. All you can do is self-sufficient in a matter of weeks. It shows you the simple technique used by the early pioneers as they traveled through the American wilderness, and you will see how they will improve your life right away. This program reveals long-forgotten secrets that helped them to survive against all odds and who could have perished at any time from cold, heat, flood, hunger, attacks by predators or indigenous tribes, but not they did it.

By using the secret skills of our ancestors to protect you and your family when TSHTF. It shows you the path of three in which you choose, the first path is the road to independence. And the second path is that you can take is the path of non-participation. This path shows you the American pioneer code of when America is in total blackout where it gives the time of preparation. The third path is the path of responsibility and respect. In which you decide to trust me because you can see for yourself what is happening in the world right now and it is only a matter of time before the United States falls into total darkness for months, even years. Below is the lesson that our ancestors followed in the old period to make a better future.

  • Lesson 1: Your Life Hangs On The Flip Of A Coin At Any Given Point- You do what you must provide your family so that at the end of the day everyone has a roof over your head, a hot meal on your table, made with food you bought at the supermarket.
  • Lesson 2: The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Is To Think This Will Not Happen To You Because This Is America- It shows the idea of a normal blackout when you do not have lights, heating or the Internet and multiply by a thousand. It will not have power and light in our homes, hospitals, banks, shops.
  • Lesson 3: To Know Your Future, Look Into Your Past- Every bit of comfort you enjoy today was paid by our ancestors ten times, with blood, sweat, and tears. You will be protected by the principles you fought for and will pass on to our children and grandchildren.
  • Lesson 4: God Only Helps Those Who Help Themselves- The American ancestors believed in this when they laid the foundations of this great nation and sought life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


What Will You Learn From American Pioneer Code?

  • You will learn something about your daily life, from plowing your own land to making your own clothes or even your drink.
  • You will be the only one who knows how to store meat so your family will not starve in the coming months!
  • You will discover how early pioneers built the portable log stove is how you will survive when TSHTF.
  • You will rebuild everything from scratch and help your loved ones through it all in one piece.
  • Using this program, you believe those old ways no longer matter and America can never fall.
  • Your tools and knowledge will keep you well fed, while everyone else is digging into the containers. This is due to the incredible experience and knowledge that our ancestors gathered over the years.
  • Within this program, you will be the only one who knows how to store meat so your family will not starve you in the coming months!


  • Epidemics Free
  • Stealth Garden Of Survival
  • Make Your Own Gunpowder And Weapons



  • It helps you keep your family safe from harm when the streets are full of violence.
  • You know this time will come because the United States is too dependent on modern technology.
  • It will help you save energy and money that would otherwise pay the electricity company.
  • Our forefathers did not need money to survive because they had knowledge.
  • This program helps you to be self-sufficient and do everything for yourself.
  • It shows the incredible experience and knowledge that our ancestors gathered over the years.
  • The American Pioneer Code is written in plain English and other descendants of American pioneers.


  • American Pioneer Code does not provide any paper copy of this guide for sale. Some people may find it difficult to read and get bored.
  • It does not include any difficult skills that everything you should do is easily follow the given instructions to prepare for the survival tactics.



In conclusion, American Pioneer Code is highly recommended! This program will provide the old ways available to Americans everywhere. Now it is your turn to make the right decision to be independent and protect your family when the EMP strikes. When the time comes, you will be able to pass these forgotten skills to your children. You can give yourself the power to face and really prevail from nightmare situations like starvation, blackouts, disasters, and in fact anything that life can throw at you. Your entire family will be under your protection, and even your community. If for some reason you are not satisfied, within the first 60 days, you will get a refund without asking any questions or hard feelings. Go through all the American Pioneer Code and get all the valuable ideas from it.


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