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Lutazene Review

Lutazene Review There are several eye health supplements out there on the market, but you can just get the very best quality from The Good Guru, a recognized name in the business for availing the qualitative supplements with vitamins for eye health. Protective eyewear can assist your eyes by lowering …

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eSCAPE Book Review

eSCAPE Book Review On the off chance that you don’t have a site, you’re getting to ought to get a space name and discover some type of facilitating the plan. It’s basically along these lines to find a legitimate website that will pay you for taking reviews on the web. …

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How to Protect Yourself from the Equifax Data Breach

The massive Equifax breach means consumers need to be on guard against data thieves. The credit-rating company hack earlier this year left approximately 143 million people’s personal information exposed and vulnerable. Here are the steps you take to help protect yourself in the wake of this event. Determine the exposure …

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Avoid IRS Trouble by Reporting Bitcoin Cash

IRS guidance on the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies already exists. Right now, the IRS considers cryptocurrencies to be “intangible assets.” As a result, they are subject to capital asset treatment. However, recent developments complicate matters. On Aug. 1, Bitcoin split into two separate cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The …

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Strategies to Run a Localized and Location-Based Marketing Campaign

The potential for localized and location-based marketing is high – especially with estimates of retail sales from “beacon-triggered messages”, which grew from $4.1 billion to $44.4 billion between 2015 and 2016, according to Statista. Coupled with 77 percent of U.S. citizens having a smartphone, based on a November 2016 Pew …

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